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Status is an open source community building the tools to drive the mass adoption of Ethereum.

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Bring your own, heroic work to the pockets of people everywhere; or learn how to build Status yourself and contribute to the backbone of a better web.

APIs and Extensions

Easily connect your DApp to a mobile client and plug into the unique features Status offers to make sure anyone, anywhere can access you work, understand it and get real value out of using it.


Distributed Applications

We actively support the ecosystem around Ethereum to make sure that we are, together, #buidling the best possible products and services which accord with the vision of a truly distributed web. Learn all the latest tricks with Embark by Status!

Better DApps

Build Status

Begin contributing to the core code base, which is the most active in Ethereum. Building your own stuff is the best way to influence the direction of the distributed web, and it requires real heroes. If you're one of the brave and true, build Status yourself, and start solving bounties to get more involved.

Build the Future

Technical Specifications

The best documentation available on low-level protocol work happening on parts of the stack like Whisper, and the Light Ethereum Service (LES) or Ultra Light Clients (ULC).

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Work In Progress

We have a very fast-moving codebase. As a decentralised and remote community of people, there are often new ideas being worked on by various different people. Follow the latest developments, research efforts, and open questions we have to answer in oder to deliver the mobile window onto Ethereum we all need.

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