Adding your DApp to Status

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If you’ve tested your DApp on Status and are satisfied with the experience, please fill out this form.

Due to official Store policies, we unfortunately face restrictions on which DApps we can accept. Gambling & pornography DApps are currently not accepted.

For more details on these restrictions, please read the Play Store and Apple Store guidelines.

A note on curation

We want our users to have a great experience of web3 and strive to show them DApps they’ll love, so we do exercise some judgment in curating our list.

Users have the freedom to visit any DApp or website they wish in our browser.

We know what you’re thinking, and no—it is not in line with our ethos to centralize curation! We plan to solve this with some bonded curves that will give SNT holders the power to decide which DApps belong.

Need support?

If you need support, it’s best to ping us in #status-core-dapps or open an issue on GitHub.

We’re also reachable on Twitter and we’d love to hear from you.

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